Re-Order checks from Deluxe
Re-Order checks from Deluxe

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Lyons State Bank, and Little River State Bank Holiday Hours:December 24th, open until noon, Decemer 25th, Closed.December 31st, Normal Business Hours.January 1st, Closed.

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Information from Haley

There are a couple of great new features we have with our internet banking App.  Now you can pay bills using the app!  And, we have biometric fingerprint ID for the App, which means when you log into the app you can just use your fingerprint to access your information.  This is a feature the customer can turn on or off – you will still need to know your login ID and change your password as normal.  I have been testing this and logging into the App is very fast.  Today I paid a bill and it maybe took me 1 minute to login and pay the bill.  Once Apple and Google make it available, customers will need to update the App to see the changes allowing for fingerprint ID. 

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